How to Replace a Porch Swing Canopy

These are some easy instructions for replacing the canopy on a porch swing. It describes how to fashion a new and durable one from inexpensive materials. It also walks the reader through simple steps on attaching the new canopy.

A porch swing canopy provides welcome shade from the hot sun while still allowing you to enjoy your porch swing during the summer months. While most types of these canopies are quite durable, they are still periodically damaged from harsh weather and normal wear and tear over time. Replacing your porch swing canopy takes a few steps, and the ease of this project often depends on the correct tools as well as the size of the canopy itself.

What You Will Need:

• Canopy fabric
• Vinyl or heavy plastic tablecloth
• Adhesive compound
• Scissors
• Tape measure
• Permanent marker
• Blocks of wood
• Loop and hook tape
• Heavy thread and large needle (optional)

Step 1 — Measure for Replacement Canopy

Remove your old canopy from the porch swing frame, and lay the canopy out in an area large enough for it to lay flat. Be careful not to rip any edges of the fabric; this could result in inaccurate measurements. If your damaged canopy has a coat of dust and/or dirt, it is a good idea to do this outdoors or on the floor of your garage if possible. Use your tape measure to find the length and width of the canopy fabric, including seam allowance where it was attached over the arms of the frame.

Step 2 — Select New Canopy Fabric

Fabric stores offer a range of choices when it comes to heavy cotton that is intended for outdoor furniture such as porch swing canopies. Have a section of this fabric cut that matches the dimensions you measured in step 1. You can pick a fabric similar to your old canopy or opt for a new design that still coordinates with the rest of your home exterior. You will also need to buy a table cloth in a similar color that is made from durable vinyl or plastic. The tablecloth needs to be the same length as the canopy material, but it should be 2 inches narrower than the width.

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