Main Benefits of Switching to E-Cigarettes

Like anything new, vaping has some uncertainty surrounding it until people become more informed. Making the switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes has some benefits, namely because e-cigs are cleaner, less expensive and safer. A good percentage of people who are thinking of switching are current or former smokers who still want to have some nicotine in controlled amounts.

E-cigarettes are completely tobacco-free and therefore don’t come with the smoke and strong odors of traditional cigarettes. Cigarettes smoke clings to just about anything it comes into contact with, including clothes, car upholstery and sofa cushions just to name a few. The strong smell of cigarette smoke comes from burning tar and various chemicals along with the tobacco in each cigarette. Long-time smokers grow used to it relatively quickly, but the strong smell of cigarette smoke is noticeable right away. It’s also extremely difficult to completely remove from carpets, furniture fabric, etc. Vaping comes with no such odors, no harmful chemicals and no tobacco smoke. Many non-smokers have been in the same room with someone vaping on an e-cig and did not even notice right away. Exhaled vapor dissolves into the air almost right away, and more gourmet e-cig flavors are becoming available all the time.

During the past couple of decades, tobacco cigarettes have become unbelievably expensive, cutting more and more into smokers’ budgets. About 30 years ago, a pack of cigarettes could be had for about $1.00, but the price today is sometimes 10 times that price, depending on the brand and where smokers purchase them. Taxes and more expensive manufacturing costs are mostly responsible for these steep price hikes. E-cigarettes cost significantly less, even with the refills and accessories. The most expensive part of switching to vaping is buying the starter kit, but even this adds up to much less than the $300+ many smokers spend on tobacco cigarettes.

Many former smokers who make the switch to vaping report that they feel better physically after only a short time using e-cigarettes. Tobacco smoking carries a host of well-documented health hazards, including increased risks of emphysema, lung cancer and heart disease. Although I can’t make the claim that e-cigs are definitively healthier, they don’t come with the many chemicals in tobacco cigarettes–some of which medical professionals believe to be carcinogenic.

E-cigarettes aren’t subject to the many restrictions that apply to tobacco cigarettes, namely laws banning smoking in public places. Ex-smokers who switch over have found they can still get the nicotine fixes they crave without the added health hazards or social intrusiveness of cigarette-smoking. Getting started with vaping is as easy as finding a vapery near you and purchasing the e-cig starter kit of your choice.